Friday, May 27, 2005

Mrs. O'Leary's Lost her Cow

A few weeks ago, B called me up and asked me how my Irish accent was. I can't do Cockney worth a shit, but I actually have a pretty good Irish one, and I told him so. He said good and that he and R had discussed who needed to show up at the reenactment on Sunday. Mrs. O'Leary. Yep, that Mrs. O'Leary of the Chicago fire fame. Now, the reenactment was taking place in 1883 and the fire was 1871, so we just wanted to play and foreshadow the firey events to come. I dressed in my work dress and apron (and my work dress looked better than a lot of women's town dresses, thankyewverymuch), carried a latern, and walked around the settlement asking if people had seen my cow, Daisy. It was hysterical. Most people got it and the moment they did, you could just see their eyes light up.

Me as Mrs. Kate O'Leary. Notice the latern.

I approached a middle aged couple and asked if they had seen my cow. The woman laughed and apologized and said no, she hadn't. Her husband, on the other hand, started rubbing his belly and said that he hadn't seen a cow, but he had had a really great steak down the way. I, of course, was incensed, "Oh, no! Daisy's not for eatin', she's for milkin'! Stop it with yerself!"

Another woman, when I told her if she could send Daisy down to the O'Leary farm if she saw her, just giggled and said, "The O'Leary's, huh?? Well, I will do that. And, I also hear it's going to be a hot night in Chicago tonight." I told her, "No such thing. It's supposed to be right lovely this evenin'."

Later, G and T came up to me and told me they had found Daisy. We took off and found a woman in a cow print jacket and cow hat shilling some sort of cow chip bingo game. I'm guessing she doesn't get to many reenactments because here's the conversation that we had. I approached her, looked her up and down and turned to T.

Kaffy: No, that's no my Daisy. My Daisy's white with brown markin's and this one's got black markin's. Also, my Daisy's got four legs and this one's only got the two. [then I turned to the lady dressed as a cow] You haven't seen another cow around here, have you? I'm missing my Daisy and have been lookin' for her all day.

Cow Lady: [looking very confused] No, I haven't seen a cow, sorry.

Kaffy: Name's O'Leary. Kate O'Leary. Are you sure you haven't seen my Daisy?

Cow Lady: No, sorry. [then she took off the cow hat and looked at me seriously] You know I'm not really a cow.

Kaffy: Ah, sweet Jesus, Mary and Joseph! What's happened to this cow? First, she's only got two legs and now she's taking off her head!
[Cow Lady then put her hat back on] Oh dear me, that's better. Well, thank you kindly, wee cow. If you see my Daisy, send her home, won't you?

T & I then walked away giggling. That lady was dead serious when she assured me that she wasn't a cow. Funniest thing evah!

During the day, I learned how to embroider. L made little sewing bags with a needle, beeswax, and an embroidery hoop in it for everyone. Then she drew our initials on it and taught us how to embroider them. Here's me working on mine with Winston looking on.

And, here's the "K" done.

Oh! I forgot to tell you about the Ladies' Activities they had on Saturday. Since the men are typically off playing soldier at these things, they try to have crafts for the ladies. On Saturday, I went to two of the classes. In the first one, I made a hand sewn leather book. In the second, I made solid perfume out of beeswax and vaseline and essential oils. Mine is vanilla and lavender and smell quite yummy. We also stamped and colored little sachets to put our perfume in. I'm so crafty.

All in all, it was a fun weekend. I'm looking forward to the next one!


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