Thursday, March 31, 2005


After my Rantycakes, I needed to let you all know that goodness does exist within humankind. And, within my coworkers.

I got to work this morning to find 2 things on my desk:

1. My favorite mug. There's this one mug at work that has the perfect handle and I love using it. But, it's a community mug, and someone else (someone who gets to work before me) has discovered the joys of my mug. Our receptionist empties the dishwasher first thing every morning and she has started leaving the clean mug on my desk because she knows how much I love it.

2. 3 dark chocolate Kit Kats with a note saying, "I know you like dark chocolate. -B." First, I didn't even know they made dark chocolate Kit Kats (they're pretty tasty, FYI), but she remembered and left me candy.

Most days, working at my company is pretty good and the reason is people like that.

Ranty McRantycakes

Hysterical, yet maddening, 911 call.

Small clip:

"You're supposed to protect me."

"From what? A wrong cheeseburger?"

So, this insane woman calls 911 because Burger King gave her the wrong burger and they won't give her the one she wants. Instead of getting out of her car and going in the restaurant to solve her problem, she calls 911 and wants the police to come and take care of it.

This type of behavior is indicative of some of our social ills. She's an adult who has no problem solving skills and is incredibly egocentric. So, when confronted with a tiny problem, instead of solving it like an adult, she has to escalate it to the level of a critical emergency and call for police assistance. And, of course, the police should come because she's been wronged. Horribly wronged. It is, after all, her. And she's not getting it Her Way.

And, she's doing all this with her children in her car. Guess what her preciouses are now learning?

People need to get their heads out of their asses and realize that this world is not all about them. Open their eyes to the fact that there are other people out there with concerns and problems. Not I-got-the-wrong-burger problems, either. Real, honest to God, problems. And, for the nitpicky, third world problems that we who are fortunate get, we need to learn coping skills and handle it like adults.

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Evil and Hateful

It's just wrong for a professor to have a midterm the first day back from Spring break. It's evil and hateful for that professor to also have 10 lesson plans due that day.

diving back under paperwork

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Well, makes you look like an ass is what he does, Ed

You are Ferris Bueller (from Ferris Bueller's Day
Off)! You're a smooth talker and a
resourceful, quick thinker, and you play by
your own rules. Fortunately, you use such
things for fun and not to hurt anyone else.
God only knows what would happen if you crossed
paths with Lisa from Weird Science.

Which John Hughes Character Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Hell, yeah!

Snagged from her. (And, if she's reading this, your blog is displaying funny for me. The posts don't show up until after all you side bar stuff.)

Monday, March 28, 2005

California Dreamin'

Okay, so I'm not in California, but I have been dreaming a lot lately. Dreams that would make any 1960's tripper very proud. Most of the dreams have been disturbing, but the most recent one was wonderful. I dreamed I was Aeryn Sun from Farscape. I wasn't me playing Aeryn, I was Aeryn. And, it was pretty cool. For those of you who don't watch Farscape, she's a kick-ass warrior chick with a great voice, beautiful hair, and a body you can bounce quarters off of. In the dream, I was getting ready to go out and fight the Bad Guy. I was getting into my prowler (small spaceship) when Crichton (aka yummy goodness) stopped me. He didn't say a word. He just gabbed me by the hair on the back of my head and kissed me well and proper (much like a certain someone has done in real life). Of course, being Aeryn, while he kissed me, I was feeling my thigh to make sure I had my gun in its holster. Then I went off and shot up the Bad Guy.

Not a deep dream, sure, but I liked it!

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Bored at Work

Your Seduction Style: The Natural

You don't really try to seduce people... it just seems to happen.
Fun loving and free spirited, you bring out the inner child in people.
You are spontaneous, sincere, and unpretentious - a hard combo to find!
People drop their guard around you, and find themselves falling fast.

Snagged from Snidgey.

I'm Still Full

I went here last night with some friends from here. I had gumbo, a shrimp po' boy and chicory creme brulee. I am still full. It was really tasty, tho. The shrimp wasn't overly breaded and fried. You tasted more shrimp than anything else. I had never had the coffee creme brulee before. It was okay. I wouldn't use that many Points on it again. I wanted to try it because I love coffee and creme brulee is my favorite dessert. The cool creamy goodness under the crispy caramel top that you have to crack open with your spoon. Oh, yeah, baby. But the two flavors together? Not so much.

Monday, March 21, 2005

Awful Way to Start the Week

I woke up this morning from a horrible dream. I dreamed my dad died. Which, after what has happened, sucked. My dad is doing much better now. He's home and going to therapy 3 days per week. He's still in a wheelchair. At this point, it looks like he may be in one forever. His mental state is significantly better, but he still has short-term memory problems and logic problems.

In my dream, I got a call from my sister at around 11:30 am. For some reason, I was home, so it must have been a weekend day. My dad had another stroke the night before and died around 2:30 am. I had all the normal emotions about that, but I was also really pissed at my sister for not calling me sooner. I woke up right after I hung up the phone which I'm glad about. I could feel my dream me getting ready for those kinds of sobs that just hurt all over.

This is not a good way to start a week.

Friday, March 18, 2005

Latte Art

This is freakin' cool and appeals to the coffee lover in me.

Thursdays Suck

I was a bit put out with my class last night. First of all, I have to leave work early to get to it, and I was really busy yesterday afternoon. I could have used extra time at work. So, I drive 45 minutes and get to school. Turns out my prof. is out of town and we have a substitute. A substitute? For a college class? So, sub prof. walks in. Turns out we don't really have a sub. We have been lucky enough to have been chosen for a random assessment for the university. Translation: we got to spend the entire class period taking a standardized test for the uni. They want to see how well their students are learning in the general education classes.

Well, that's all fine and dandy, but I didn't take any of my gen. eds at that university. I took them in undergrad almost 20 years ago. (Holy shit! Undergrad was 20 years ago!) That's okay, she says. They want to compare my uni with other uni's to see how they measure up. What. Ev. I'm put out by that. Not murdering mad, but put out.

So, after taking the test, I head home and decide that I need a shamrock shake for St. Paddy's Day. (Yes, I said "need." Wanna make something of it??) I stop by the McD's closest to home and they're out. OUT OF SHAMROCK SHAKES! Fine. Decide I shouldn't really have one anyway.

I go home to make a corned beef and cabbage strudel that I found the recipe for on WW (see recipe below). But, my phyllo dough is old and moldy. I made the filling and ate that and it was really very good, but I bet it would rock in the phyllo dough. Will need to make it again.

All in all, last night was sucky. Not horrible bad, just annoying.

Corned Beef and Cabbage Strudel

4 cup cabbage, all varieties, shredded
1 medium garlic clove(s), peeled and minced
1/2 cup canned chicken broth
2 cup frozen potatoes o'brien, thawed (potato, onion and red pepper)
1/2 tsp table salt
1/4 tsp black pepper
1/4 tsp dried thyme
1/2 tsp caraway seeds
1 piece bay leaf
2 Tbsp lemon zest
1/2 pound corned beef brisket, cooked and diced
4 sheet whole-wheat phyllo dough
1/2 cup mustard

Heat a 10-inch nonstick skillet over medium heat. Add cabbage, garlic and broth. Sauté until cabbage is limp, stirring frequently, about 3 minutes.

Stir in potatoes O’Brien, salt, pepper, thyme, caraway seed and bay leaf. Cook until potatoes are hot, about 5 minutes. Stir in lemon zest and corned beef. Remove bay leaf. Remove from heat and cool mixture while preparing phyllo dough.

Line a baking sheet with parchment paper. Place one sheet phyllo dough, long-side facing you, on paper. Spray with cooking spray. Add second sheet of dough. Spray with cooking spray. Repeat twice more.

Preheat oven to 350°F.

Spoon corned beef filling across width of dough, starting 4 inches from bottom of dough. Mound filling into a 4-inch wide strip. Lift up bottom 4 inches of dough to cover filling. Using parchment paper as a guide, gently roll up phyllo dough. Place seam-side down on paper-lined cookie sheet. Ends of dough don't have to be tucked in. Spray strudel with cooking spray.

Bake until phyllo is browned, 30 minutes. Let sit 5 minutes. Cut into 4 slices and serve each with 2 tablespoons mustard.

*Weight Watchers Recipe

Thursday, March 17, 2005 - 'Buffy' creator doing 'Wonder Woman' - Mar 17, 2005 - 'Buffy' creator doing 'Wonder Woman' - Mar 17, 2005

Oh, hell yeah!

I loves me some Joss Whedon and can't wait to see wait he'll do with Wonder Woman.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Life from the Scales

I have been a very bad Weight Watcher. Since the beginning of January. This semester, my class schedule is such that I had to stop going to WW meetings. As a result,I stopped doing WW at all. This weekend, I wore a shirt that used to fit right, but I had to wear it open. Still looked cute, but that was a big indicator that I had gained some weight. I don't own a scale, so I don't know how much.

So, yesterday, I began anew. Went back to Flex Plan, started weighing/measuring/counting points/journaling. It's a good plan and it's easy to follow, but it does take time and planning. I went to the grocery store and stocked up on good, low point food. Lots of fruit and veggies. Got the stuff to make 2 recipes I found on WW: a very yummy pork chop (pork chops, curry, sweet potatoes and pears...quite tasty) and a corned beef strudel thing for St. Paddy's.

I'm going to do WW Online for now and see how it goes. Once the semester is over, I may go back to meetings, but I don't know.

So, wish me renewed motivation, renewed committment, etc. And, I will get back into that shirt in a few weeks.

Monday, March 14, 2005


To see evidence of our fun night out, go here. Wheeeeee!!!!!!!

Fantastic Five Strike

Winston and I had a wonderful time this weekend with the "Fantastic 5" (dubbed by Broad): Da Broad, Amy, Wad, and our special out of town guest, Snidget!! I know that you are all jealous of just that, but let me fill you in on some of the details. Also, I will be making Yahoo! Photo Album tonight and will post a linky to it so you can see some of the details, as well.

Saturday morning, I picked up Snidge from Broad's house. Broad had a story to cover, and we had a hair appointment. Now, I'm not from NW Indiana, and I don't know the area very well. I ended up turning the wrong way on a street and due to construction, it took us 15 minutes just to get back from where we started. Stopped at Starbucks for the necessary caffeine.

Snidge is adorable and her accent made me miss my family. Also, I found myself slipping into it a wee bit (especially after 2 tequila shots). She's got a dry, sarcastic wit combined with charm that's nigh near irresistable. Oh, and perfect hair. Hate her now.

Went to EWK's to get our hair done. My roots were trailer parkish and needed some serious help. For some reason, my hair is growing really fast these days and the crown is getting darker. Blech.

EWK is the bestest. He does our hair while singing show tunes. And, he has a wicked computer network in his house, so I have a great shot of Broad and Snidge blogging while there.

About the time my hair was done, Broad showed up. Once EWK finished me, Snidge and I made a run to Schoop's for some burgers. And, we almost got beat up by a very scary woman who thought we were making fun of her. But, seriously, we hadn't said a word about her until AFTER she called me a bitch. What. Ev.

After hair, Broad and Snidge ran back to Broad's and I went to Winston's to change and grab him. We met at Pepe's (faux Mexican place) and I got to finally meet Amy and Wad! Amy somehow manages to be both cute and beautiful at the same time. Also, she's got a contagious laugh and fun Happy Meal toys on her purse. Meeting Wad was "eh." So kidding! But, I told him I'd write that, so I had to. Actually, Wad is funny and kind and generous and will absolutely hate me for outing him in such a manner.

The six of us ordered supper and laughed and talked. Amy added shots of tequila to her margaritas, crazy woman. After supper, we headed over to the bar, McCool's, to see Broad's band. Which took the stage LAST. Frankly, we were a bit bored with the other bands and Broad was flitting off doing her "I know everyone in NWI" dance. So, we amused ourselves by taking pictures. (Again, I promise I will post them tonight!!)

Around midnight, we left the bar. Winston and I were dragging so we headed home. The others, however, told us they were going to a strip club. Turns out they just went to a diner. Damn. I wanted those stories.

We had a great time. Snidge, I hope you can come up again for a longer time. Broad, Amy, and Wad, we need to get together again since we all live here!

Friday, March 11, 2005

Fun with Anatomy

The Interactive Body is a fun site to try your hand at placing organs, muscles, etc. in the right places. Go ahead and waste some time on a Friday afternoon!

Thursday, March 10, 2005 : Sex motive behind wife's slaying, prosecutors say : Sex motive behind wife's slaying, prosecutors say: "'It's very clear that ... divorce was not an option, that it was frowned upon by the Lord, he believed,' Assistant Dist. Atty. Brandon Jones said. 'This was the easier way out for him, rather than divorce.' "

I have absolutely no words for this.

Prop Me Up

Just put some shades on me and prop me up in the corner. I am completely wiped out. Every year, my company has a big conference and it was the past 4 days (Sun-Wed). I worked 40 hours in those four days and that just included work work. I also had a 10 page research paper due for class last night and a 3 pager due tonight. All papers are done, but I am plumb tuckered out. And, I'm at work right now.

But, here's the good news bullets:

*The conference went really really well. Except for the one attendee who accused me of physically assaulting her, that is. See, we have this one session that's limited to a certain segment of attendee. I am the bouncer. She is not from said segment and I didn't let her in. I pissed her off, she complained and LIED. Said I grabbed her. I don't think so, bitch. Now, move along.

*Winston came by the hotel Saturday night and brought me supper! And, he came by Tuesday night and brought me a toy! He brought me the handheld Ms. PacMan game that plugs right into your tv. Yay!!! Have I mentioned that I have the bestest boyfriend? Cuz, I do.

*I'm gonna have a rockin' Saturday night with Winston, Da Broad, Amy, hopefully Wad (come on, dude, you know you wanna!!), and our super special out of town guest, Snidget!!. We're gonna do some faux-Mexican at Pepe's (but $2 Coronas, woot!) and see one of Broad's favorite bands, Bite the Wookie Lime. I need a fun night out and this is going to be perfect.

*Getting my hair done on Saturday morning. I have some serious trailer park rootage happening and that just ain't right.

I'm taking my camera on Saturday and will post a linky to a Yahoo! photo album for you all to see the pictures. Can't wait!!

Friday, March 04, 2005

Yahoo! News - Cat Survives 10-Mile Trip on Top of Car

Yahoo! News - Cat Survives 10-Mile Trip on Top of Car

Now, see...I may have made Mickey endure a 580 mile trip and then another one 2 days later. And, I may have even shut his tail in the car door when we stopped for gas (what?), but I did NOT make him ride on the top of the car. Not even for a second.

And, yes, I did shut the car door on his tail. While Winston kidded me for days that Mickey's tail was crooked because of it, in reality, he was and is fine. He did let out one whale of a hiss, though.

Wedding Weekend Recap

I'm back! And, I have survived even though the snot monster has taken up residence in my sinuses. So, I'll give y'all the weekend recap:


Winston and I slept in and didn't hit the road until 11am. This was after wrestling Mickey out from under the bed and shoving him in his carrier. The trip itself was fairly uneventful. We drove. A lot. We stopped in Mt. Vernon for lunch at McD's. We drove some more. We finally got to my parents around 8:30pm-ish. My dad was already in bed, so Winston didn't get to meet him yet. But, my Lil Sis, her fiance and her 2 kids were there. So, we chatted for a little bit then they had to head back home. The kiddies needed to get in bed. After they left, Winston and I ate the supper my mom made for us: cornish hens, wild rice, green beans, and canteloupe. My mom can cook, y'all.

Then, Mom, Winston and I sat up talking a bit then went to bed. And, yes, separate bedrooms for us. My parents are not too keen on people who aren't married sleeping together. I did, however, sleep with Mickey.


Winston came in my room around 9 to wake me up. What? He had an alarm clock and I didn't even have a clock that worked. Went out and said good morning to my dad and mom while Winston showered. My mom made a big breakfast of scrambled eggs, bacon, and biscuits. Yum.

Winston got to meet the dad. My dad is actually very nice. No third degree or anything. It went quite well.

After breakfast, we all got dressed and headed out for Lil Sis's. We got to her place while she and her daughter were at the hairdresser's. Her fiance (will call him...LSH...Lil Sis's Husband) had to run out and pick up his son. He's a cutie kid, 7 years old. Very quiet, tho. Don't know how he's going to cope in a household with my very loud niece and nephew. When Lil Sis got home from the salon, she was NERVOUS. So nervous she said, "I think I need to go vomit. I should have done this at 10 this morning gotten it over with."

Now, I've never been married, but I can understand being nervous. I can even understand being that nervous after dating for three years let alone three months. So, I don't necessarily see that as a big red flag.

The wedding was held at Lil Sis's kids' school (daycare). Lil Sis wore a long, ivory dress. Very simple and pretty. Her 4 year old son walked her down the aisle. It was so very cute. My dad was upset by it, tho. He said that it wasn't right, "A daddy should stand up with his daughter when she gets married, and I can't do that." I felt so bad for him.

When Nephew got to the end of the aisle, he wanted to say a prayer, so they let him. He prayed for my dad: "Dear God, please help my Granddaddy get better because he's sick. Help him so that he doesn't have to use a rolling chair and can walk. Thank you." I about lost it. My mom and dad did completely lose it. He is the sweetest boy.

LSH's BIL performed the wedding which was very simple. No music, just exchanging of vows. It was sweet. There were about 40 people there, I'd guess. Lil Sis's very good friend was not there, tho. That was strange. In fact, there were only a few of Lil Sis's friends there. Like 4? Granted, it was mostly family there, but still. Seemed strange to me.

The only thing that really squicked me out was the fact that my brother and LSH have the same name. So the exchange of vows kept sounding like Lil Sis and Lil Bro were getting married. We may be Southern, but we don't cotton to incest. Blech!

Reception after was held at LSH's dad's house. They had quite a spread including some of the best chicken salad I've ever eaten. We left early because Daddy was getting tired. Headed back home to the parents.

Now, to the question I'm sure you all want to know. How did my racist sister and her husband react?? Quite well actually. I never thought they would be mean to Winston, I just thought they would ignore him. But, BIL actually talked up a storm to him at the church and at the reception. I was pleasantly surprised.

Saturday night, we had supper (chicken stew) and my dad was so tired he went to bed around 7:30. Winston, Mom and I watched some tv and talked. Mom thought Winston was pretty smart and asked what he got his degree in. I told her (electrical engineering) and she said, "Yep. He is smart." I think my parents like Winston.


We slept in then Mom, Winston and I went and got some Mexican carry-out for lunch. We hit the road around 3:30 (dragging Mickey out from behind the sofa to do so) and drove about 5 hours. We played some 20 Questions in the car. I don't think Winston will play with me anymore. I ask you, how hard is John Wayne?? [edit: ick! I just realized how bad that sounds... you know what I mean, right? Right?!]

We stopped in Mt. Vernon and got a room at the Holiday Inn (cuz the Hampton wouldn't let Mickey discriminators!). We watched some of the Oscars and crashed.

Mickey crashed literally. He was running all around the hotel room and woke me up at one point because he tried to jump up on the tv and missed. He bounced off the tv and landed on the floor.


Finished the last 5 hours and got home. Winston drove the whole way and let me do some homework.

The car trip went very well. It was really nice having someone to talk to on the trip, but what was even nicer was spending some time with Winston where we were virtually uninterrupted. The bad thing about that is now I miss him even more. I liked having him around all the time. And, I'm not even going to get to see him again until next weekend. He's got to work tomorrow, and starting Sunday, my company is having a conference. I'll be working crazy hours Sunday-Wednesday. And, I have a research paper due Wednesday night, so when I'm not working, I'll be writing that damn paper.

I suppose I should get back to work now. Besides, this post is long enough!